• “Leadership Under The Microscope – The Science Behind Developing Extraordinary Leaders.” By Jack Zenger, Kurt Sandholtz, and Joe Folkman [PDF]
  • “Seven Transformations Of Leadership” By David Rooke and WIlliam R. Torbert [PDF]
  • “The Unusual Management Style Of One Of The Most Highly Rated CEOs In Tech” Jeff Kauflin , Source: Forbes Staff [PDF]
  • “Shift 2018: Reimagining Work And Bringing More Meaning To The Employee Experience” Source: Conference Recap on the Better Up Blog [PDF]
  • “Why COOs Should Think Like Behavioral Economisits” Source: HBR [PDF]
  • “The Rise Of The Social Enterprise: A New Paradigm For Business” by Josh Bersin, Source: JoshBersin.com [PDF]


  • “Why The Secret To Great Coaching Lies In Motivation” by Dr. Jacinta Jimenez [PDF]
  • “A Startup That Provides Coaching For Tech Workers Reveals The Best Thing Managers Can Do To Keep Millennials From Quitting” Source: Business Insider [PDF]

Conflict Management


Effective Communication

  • “Hear Yes! More Often With The Science Of Influence” by Dan Norris [VIDEO]
  • “People Leave Managers Not Companies, Don’t Let That Manager Be You” Source: Inside Intercom [PDF]

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12. 4. 2020

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