• “212 The Extra Degree” Source: You Tube/Simple Truths [VIDEO]
  • “ Leadership” Source: You Tube/Simple Truths
  • “Customer Love” Source: You Tube/Simple Truths [VIDEO]
  • “Finish Strong” Source: You TubeSimple Truths
  • “Eat That Frog” Source: Simple Truths
  • “Goals” Source: Simple Truths
  • “The 100/0 Principle” Source: Simple Truths
  • “Pulling Together” Source: Simple Truths
  • ‘The Butterfly Effect” Source: Simple Truths [VIDEO]
  • “The Dash” Source: Simple Truths
  • “The Power of Attitude” Source: Simple Truths
  • “The Power of Positive” Source: Simple Truths
  • “The Empty Pickle Jar” Source: Simple Truths
  • “Lindsay Vonn is Skiing for Herself”, Source: Interview with Adam Grant for Esquire [PDF]

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12. 4. 2020

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